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Sunday, April 3, 2011
Vicky Shu Learning to Be Presenter

Although regarded as a newcomer to the world of singers, Vicky Shu try a new profession. Presenter is the new job they work at this 'Mari Bercinta 2'singer. On several occasions Vicky Shu asked to bring a program of events.

"Several times a presenter, just tried it for learning. It feels like it was trusted, so know the character of our Presenter partner. Some like not to chemistry, but I also have a lot to learn again. The other presenters so hard now if we are friends again presenter blank, "said the singer born in Cilacap this some time ago in RCTI.

As a new person in the world presenter, Vicky Shu had a lot to learn to be able to look good in front of the camera. Therefore, owners of brand shoes Syu Syu is always asked by a presenter who is already experienced.

"So often chatting backstage. And I was quiet and shy, so learn to tell them and confident. Start nag now. But that's not the talkative type," she added.

As a singer, Vicky Shu also prefer to sing than to be a presenter, thinks the singer is not too much to say. "Sing, because do not have to talk a lot," she said.

Vicky Shu


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