Payudara Indah Model Seksi Urnicah Ike

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
"Foreplay Expert" Urnicah Ike

"Cover Popular this one claimed to love to lingere in bed before heating alike reach 'finish line'. Want a strong race with him? "
If many people traveled to Jakarta to get discouraged, not with a virgin who has a birthday right on the day of love 22 years ago this. Instead he climbed the Jakarta with the aim of relaxing while honing his talent to become a disc jockey. But the fate of the other said, with a capital of a beautiful face and sexy body, the course flows into the world entertaint without experiencing significant barriers. She also quickly adapt to the country girl became a woman of the capital. Although a face Jutek, Urnicah Ike turned out really nice and make a photocall at all not boring.

What you decide to move to the capital?
I decided to quit school in Semarang and leave my job as Public Relations, I want to relax in Jakarta.

No thought of a career in the world entertaint, it looks like you have the capital to that direction?
There is absolutely no thoughts, his plans while relaxing school took the DJ, because my job yesterday evening in touch with the world. Seeing my friend DJ nge fun too, because of the hobby can make money, I finally took the DJ school in Jakarta.
 But eventually you jump in the world also entertaint, what's the story?
I offered the photos for a magazine, in succession to be a model video clip R & B Band, playing FTV, and be a star advertisement. Everything went just like that, without a plan.

So far there has been no trouble, I had to wonder, how could you?
Why? you have the capital beautiful and sexy. Moreover, breast forms, you can make women jealous and intriguing man.
I do not want to be accused of selling body for a career in entertaint. But indeed from all parts of my body, I most liked the chest. Make me look more confident and feel sexy.

Urnicah Ike


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