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Sunday, April 24, 2011
Full Name: Prisia Wulandari Nasution
Call: Pia
Place / Date of Birth: Jakarta, June 1, 1984
Parents: Robert & Siti Sundari Nasution
History Education: Kindergarten Pearl kak deposit, SD budiwaluyo + yapenka, SMP 68, SMA 34, Northport WA highschool, Swiss German University
Hobbies: Basketball, Silat, Oil Painting, Piano, Classical Music, Drawing, Main course FTV
Favorite Books: einstein aja ngga tau, a child called it, five days in paris, comic books, good novels., A Child Called it, five days in paris, comic books, good novels ..
About Me: mmm .. I prefer other people tell me about me ... but the basic .. I like to eat and I like it


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